Ready to Sell? Here's a Prep List for Inspection

Posted by Super Admin on Friday, November 9th, 2018 at 3:40pm.

When getting your home ready for the market, the to-do list can seem overwhelming. This general list from Pillar to Post Home Inspections is a great place to start.


  • Trim all vegetation 12 inches away from the siding.
  • Keep earth six inches below/away from siding and all other wood while maintaining a gentle slope away from the home.

Roof Structure:

  • Remove moss from roof. Important: Avoid pressure washing, this will do more damage than good. Solutions and instructions can be found at most home improvement stores.
  • Extend downspouts that drain above ground to 6 feet away from the structure.
  • Clean the gutters, even small amounts of debris can clog downspouts
  • Keel trees and branches trimmed 6 feet away from the roof and off power lines

Crawl Space:

  • Check for signs of rodents, repair damage and obtain a pest control operator for assistance if needed.
  • Be sure all earth is covered with 6mm black vapor barrier with 6-inch overlaps
  • Remove all cellulose debris large enough to be picked up by a standard garden rake.
  • All crawl space vents should be open for proper ventilation (unless freezing).


  • Be sure all bathroom exhaust vents are still attached and lead to the exterior of the home
  • Keep insulation clear of soffit vents
  • Gas/Propane furnaces should be serviced on an annual basis (keep your proof)


  • Correct slow draining sinks and tubs. Fill sinks, then drain, and check for leaks below. Repair if needed.


  • Clear storage from blocking electric panels, attic and crawl space hatches, so the inspector does not have to make an extra trip back and slowing the process.
  • Remove clothing from the washer and dryer so the inspector can test them for leaks
  • Keep the house clean. Often the home is immaculate when the buyer fell in love and made and offer. When they return for the inspection (which can find negative attributes) the last thing you want the buyer to worry about is the condition of a messy house.

Thank you Pillar to Post for this great information. Your agent will have more tips for you so be sure to ask lots of questions! Proper prep can help your sell go as smoothly as possible.

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