ANACORTES, WA, January 12, 2022 –

In the incomparably beautiful locales of Anacortes, Bow, and Samish and Whidbey islands, there is a real estate star who is breaking records and serving clients with inestimable style.

It’s a wrap for a breathtaking 2021 year in real estate. And managing broker Kristine Stultz took it all in and made the year her best yet.

Kristine Stultz Pic Kristine Stultz

Check out the Stultz Stats for 2021:

  •   #1 individual for gross volume for RE/MAX Gateway, located in Anacortes, WA.
  •   Made the top 10 producers for RE/MAX Gateway.
  •   And nationally, check this out! Kristine made the top 100 individual agents RE/MAX in the US.

Recent clients rave about her. Succinctly put by this buyer, whose house closed in July 2021, “BEST…

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ANACORTES, WA, November 18, 2021 – 

Here’s how you know your brokerage is good: when competing brokerages refer a rising star to your company.

Amelia Johnson was introduced to RE/MAX Gateway in Anacortes, Washington, by respected competitors.

“I researched, called, and interviewed Island County real estate companies,” Amelia said. “Everyone, competition included, pointed me to RE/MAX,” she laughed. “Your commitment to training up-and-coming agents was cited. And, I was told, ‘You need to talk to Blake.’”


Training and teamwork

In his own RE/MAX house and in other brokerages, Gateway Broker/Owner Blake Boatman is known for exceptional education that goes way beyond basic training. He understands client needs, market conditions,…

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Olivia Galindo


Earning a college degree.

Launching a career.

Owning your first home.

These are important life markers. But for anyone new to a country, these achievements are more significant, because resources of wealth and intelligence are created for future generations.

Enter professional broker, Olivia Galindo, who was born in Oaxaca, Mexico; graduated Central Washington University with a degree in business administration; now married and raising her children, first-generation Americans in Skagit County.

RE/MAX Gateway is honored to welcome Olivia, who will focus on residential, multi-family (an emerging trend in real estate), and land markets. She is a licensed broker (since 2006), successful property manager,…

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Are you looking to buy a home? If so, we’ve got good news for you.

While there’s no denying the housing market is having a great year, many of the headlines are focused on the perks for sellers. But what about buyers today? As a buyer, you’re likely braving bidding wars and weighing low mortgage rates versus price appreciation as you search for your dream home. If you find yourself a bit discouraged, hear this: there are clear signs buyers may have more opportunities this fall.

According to, the sweet spot for buyers is just around the corner. In a recent study, experts analyzed housing market trends by looking at data from the past several years. When applied to the current market, experts determined the ideal week to buy a home…

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If you’re a renter with a desire to become a homeowner, or a homeowner who’s decided your current house no longer fits your needs, you may be hoping that waiting a year might mean better market conditions to purchase a home.

To determine if you should buy now or wait, you need to ask yourself two simple questions:

  1. What will home prices be like in 2022?
  2. Where will mortgage rates be by the end of 2022?

Let’s shed some light on the answers to both of these questions.

What will home prices be like in 2022?

Three major housing industry entities project continued home price appreciation for 2022. Here are their forecasts:

  • Freddie Mac: 5.3%
  • Fannie Mae: 5.1%
  • Mortgage Bankers Association: 8.4%

Using the average of the…

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If you’re trying to decide when to sell your house, there may not be a better time to list than right now. The ultimate sellers’ market we’re in today won’t last forever. If you’re thinking of making a move, here are four reasons to put your house up for sale sooner rather than later.


According to the Realtors Confidence Index released by the National Association of Realtors (NAR), homes continue to sell quickly – on average, they’re selling in just 17 days. As a seller, that’s great news for you.

Average days on market is a strong indicator of buyer demand. And if homes are selling quickly, buyers have to be more decisive and act fast to submit their offer before other buyers swoop in.


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Anacortes, WA  September 13, 2021 – RE/MAX Gateway is pleased to welcome Breezy Lavis to the Gateway office. Breezy will be joining the Kelli Lang Team and will focus on residential real estate.  

Breezy comes with a background in business and marketing. Breezy and her husband own 2 rental properties which sparked the desire for her to get into real estate. Breezy will work with anyone and everyone as she enjoys working with people, but first time home buyers are her favorite. Her main goal is to develop relationships with clients and be someone that has their back when making a large financial decision like buying a house.

Breezy be reached at 360-420-2415 and 

To view…

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If you’re trying to decide whether or not to sell your house, this is the time to think seriously about making a move. Fannie Mae’s recent Home Purchase Sentiment Index (HPSI) reveals the number of respondents who say it’s a good time to sell is higher now than it was over the past few summers (see graph below). Today, the majority of consumers, 75 percent, say it’s a good time to sell a house.


The higher good time to sell sentiment has to do with today’s market conditions, specifically low housing supply and high buyer demand. In the simplest terms, we don’t have enough houses available for sale to meet buyer demand.

According to the latest data from the National Association of…

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Whether or not you’ve been following the real estate industry lately, there’s a good chance you’ve heard we’re in a serious sellers’ market. But what does that really mean? And why are conditions today so good for people who want to list their house?

It starts with the number of houses available for sale. The latest Existing Home Sales Report from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) shows housing supply is still astonishingly low. Today, we have a 2.6-month supply of homes at the current sales pace. Historically, a 6-month supply is necessary for a ‘normal’ or ‘neutral’ market in which there are enough homes available for active buyers (see graph below):

 When the supply of houses for sale is as low as it is right now, it’s…

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5 Ways You Can Finance Your Home Renovation

Outdated kitchen. Overrun backyard. Unusable basement space.

If you have a home renovation project on the mind, the first thing you have to consider is how you are going to finance it. Here are the most common options to make your dreams become a reality.


Paying in cash is the most straightforward financing option, just save until you have enough money to cover the expenses. This will help eliminate spending outside your budget; however, it can also extend your timeline.


If you’ve been making payments on your home for a few years and your interest rate is higher than current market rates, you may be eligible for a mortgage refinance, reducing your payments and…

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