by Tara Gilligan Reimer


The newest broker at Gateway exudes competence and confidence.

She’s the kind of person you want in your corner. Or, at your kitchen table.

(Even, on your side in a bar fight. Let’s just pretend, for emphasis of teamwork.)

How about in your operating room? She’ll be there.

That’s because Nicole Geleynse is a seasoned operating room (OR) nurse. And she’s bringing all her cool-calm-and-collected to her beloved real estate (RE) terrain of Skagit County.

Here’s a cross-over career with a serious backstory: from Island Health to RE/MAX Gateway.

Scalpel? She’s got that. CMA (comparative market analysis)? She’s got that, too.

‘I love caring for people’

For 16 years, Nicole has…

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by Tara Gilligan Reimer  

ANACORTES, WA—July 2022  

Gavin Lang

Gavin Lang, only 18 years old, just achieved three major accomplishments. He graduated from high school, also earned his Associate of Arts degree, and pocketed his real estate license.  

Upon high school graduation, some might say, welcome to the real world. But Gavin has been living, experiencing and working in that real world for awhile.   

Of course, you associate his name with a big brand known in Anacortes, throughout Skagit County, and across Washington State. Because he’s the newly licensed assistant for a family business: Team Kelli Lang.  

That means, at work, he’ll be calling the woman who has grown TKL, not mom, but boss.  


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