by Tara Gilligan Reimer


Dynamo brokers, capable of building both a brokerage house as well as overall market share, sometimes ignite their work chemistry in unlikely places. For instance: the Black Angus bar (formerly located near Sehome Village).

That’s where a then 20-year-old Tricia Harden Jacobs went, for dancing and a memorable night out in Bellingham.

The person who got her into the bar, using someone else’s i.d. (small detail)? That c’mon-let’s-go-out-and-have-a-night-of-it energy came from our very own Lisa Carlson, Chief Financial (and Fun) Officer.

Like any in-tune, super-charged, and innovative duo, these two know each other’s thinking, strengths, and next moves. So, everybody: buckle up. Tricia…

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