September 2017

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Last week, I (Amanda,Director of Agent Services for the Gateway office) turned 35. I thought it would be fun to take a peek back to 1982 and see how things have changed...

In 1982:

The average income, nationally, was $21,050. The average cost of a gallon of gas was $.91 cents. A loaf of bread would set you back $.50 cents. A brand new car averaged $7,983 and a new Sony 19 inch color TV would run $499. Just for kicks, because I can't compare this to anything today, a cassette tape recorder would cost a whooping $44.99.I did some research and the average cost of a home here in Anacortes in 1982 would have been around $73,677 which was slightly above the national average.


The average income, nationally, is $46,409. The average cost of a

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Here are your August 2017 Market Reports. Overall the market still seems to be extremely strong. While it is still a seller's market there are some great deals to be had. Call an agent today!