July 2017

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Just a short walk up and down any Main Street in America will show you there are lots of lending choices out there. In fact, you don't need to leave your home anymore, online lending is becoming more and more popular. The important thing is to find a lender you are comfortable with and is able to provide you service with peace of mind. Here is a short article of what to look for in a lender.


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Ok, maybe our Golf Scramble we had about a week ago wasn't fancy enough for its own title, but the office had a great time! The office that plays together, succeeds together, right? At any rate, here are a few pictures and a few more can be found on our Facebook Page.


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If you are buying or selling a home, there are a whole list of items that may be important to you or to a potential buyer. Of course just as each family is unique, so are their needs.

Click HERE to find a few things to think about when deciding updates to do on your soon to be listed home or a few decisions you will have to make as a buyer.

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We've all heard the stories..."The movers lost our kid's favorite toy!", "The movers took 6 weeks to deliver our boxes", and of course "The movers kept our items hostage until we agreed to pay more than we originally agreed upon!" Not all moves end badly, HERE are the top tips for hiring movers.


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